Saturday, 15 March 2014

A gallery of the 2014 F1 noses...

...or a post with many phallic shaped aero-dynamic noses.

I've done them in the order of how nice they look - mainly because I think it'd be unfair to post up the most awful one first and frighten the millions of children that are reading...

Red Bull
The nicest looking of the noses. More platypus pic than dick pic. A nice tapered front with a slight drop down but overall a good looking nose cone.

A nice smooth drop down from the front of the car in to the nose section and no front bit. But a little bit of an opening makes it look way too much like a good ol' Jap's Eye.

The transition from body to nose is nice and smooth, wide and quite nice. It's just the end result which makes this an ugly looker and worse than the above two. It looks almost like some sad character from Creature Comforts!

The first of the noses that are being described as 'anteater' like. Which I think is just a way of saying they look like nobs without making it NSFW. This one with it's little opening is quite stylish in some ways and then God awful in most others. I'm wondering whether if it gets fastest lap or wins the race it 'ejects' some liquid out the hole... No, too far?

Sleek, smooth and very dick shaped. Simples!

Very similar to the McLaren's nose above with it's little 'slit' although this one is not as prominent due to the colour scheme of the car and that it has a little grille material on the front.

Force India
This one is almost saying "Oh, hi there! Nice to meet you!"

Couldn't find many pictures of this rare beauty. It's definitely got some girth and I'm always told me it's the girth that moves the earth rather than the length so I'd guess that Marussia's nose is very pleasing!

Torro Rosso
They've changed engine supplier and also brought in this little beauty of a nose. A drooping willy.

The poster child for all that is ugly about the 2014 cars. This car was berated on Twitter due to what can only be described as U-G-L-Y You Ugly, No Alibi! But now all cars have been revealed I don't think it's the worst. No, not at all... because...

Oh... my... God! A two pronged affair. And not only two pronged, one is longer than the other. Almost in a "how could we make it worse than it already is?" move.

Wonder how they'll evolve over the year?

Anyways, to a great 2014!


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